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360 SupaMop

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Mopping up at Home Made Easy

The Floor is what our body comes into contact with everyday. There's nothing quite as comforting as a nice clean floor.

For the family's wellbeing, women often have to do the back breaking work of mopping the floors.

Traditional mops are heavy, slow and hard to use. It's not right that the weaker sex has to constantly struggle with wetting, wringing and scrubbing with a mop. Women who take housework seriously deserve something better and more elegant.

Taihoyo's all-new mop design offers more than a nice clean floors. It is also designed to make mopping floors easy for all the men and women who do their share of the chores. All kinds of patented features are incorporated into this next-generation mop to solve all the ergonomic of conventional mop designs.

To deal with the troublesome "effort" required for traditional mops, we made ergonomic adjustments to the mop design and added a bucket with a built-in wringer to remove 100% of excess water. The head of the mop can be used wet or dry, and can even be rotated 360 degrees to reach all those hard to reach dirty and dusty corners. Our mop design is so innovative it is in a different league from conventional or improved mops you see on the market. Our revolutionary design "saves effort, save time, and save electricity", making mopping the floor easy for everyone. There's no need to get your hands dirty - it's practically a new kind of home recreation!!

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The SupaMop Way


Saves Effort, Time, and Electricity

Innovative design and built-in wringer delivers powerful cleaning performance and removes nearly 100% of all excess water. There is no need to get your hands dirty, no need for physical effort and no need for a power socket. It's so easy to use that even children can master it.

Dry/Wet Mop - Clean, No marks, Safe

  • New wringer device allows you to choose how wet the fabric strips should be. The mop cleans, removes dust and absorbs water, making the floor clean, dry and safe right away.
  • New patented mop head design can be rotated freely through 360 degrees to evenly and easily clean any corner.
  • The unique fibers used in the fabric strips resist wear, fight bacteria and clean without scratching floors or delicate surfaces.

A Little Exercises for Healthy Living

Ergonomic design reduces strain on hands and back to eliminate fatigue and injury. It is so handy it can even be used one-handed so you can keep looking good even while doing housework.

Handy Refill Packs - One Mop to Clean Them All

The eco-friendly refill packs allow you to swap the fabric strips at any time. Bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms - why have 10 mops when 1 will do? Clean the smart and easy way while and saving money too!

Multi-Purpose Wringer and Fully Set of Features

  • The new wringer device can also be used to wring out small items like cloths, towels, and socks.
  • The SupaMop can be used for cleaning residential, commercial and public spaces. Everything from floors, glass windows, car waxing and corners pose no challenge.