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Vinegar intro : Chun brewing commercially available general (vinegar) is different,because......Engineering methods,step,time,Chun bacteria brewing fermentation (sugar into wine) 100% fruit with beneficial bacteria into the entire brewing lasted more than 1-3 year.Soon to smell to not nose to drink to not burn the throat with vinegar absolutely different.
Dishes Use : The end of the re-Atsushi add water,taste,flavor,such as ice wine,sweet sand tasty,good-natured and not astringent,can be used in fruit salad,vegetables salad,unique taste.
Health drink : Deployment according to personal habits,according to a ratio of 10 to 20 (chun of water) for drink.Drinking water available health care and to improve the physical fitness of the ph,conditioning the prevention of diseases of civilization.
Ps : The recommended daily water about in 1500 to 2500cc.Day 4 to 6 times daily frequency of urination,night 0-2 times,each time urine output of 250 to 350cc.(this data as a reference value,per person physiological conditions and lifestyle may be errors,if you have any question,please contact the professional knowledge or doctors.)

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